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Experienced and passionate defense attorney
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Experienced and passionate defense attorney
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John Almerico has over 10 years of courtroom and trial experience. John has successfully handled thousands of cases. John has represented clients through all stage of the criminal justice system, from pre-arrest to post-trial. John takes pride in his courtroom record. He strives for nothing short of excellence.

John Almerico began his trial career as a public defender. John has become known as one of the best at voire dire (jury selection in layman’s terms). During that time, John saw firsthand the impact of Louisiana’s mass incarceration rate. As the state Indigent Defender system began to fail its clients due to lack and misuse of funds, John knew it was time to use his refined legal skills and enter private practice.

Since entering private practice, he has earned a reputation for hard work, compassion and excellence. He has defended thousands of clients across South Louisiana and have saved his clients countless years in prison, as well as aggressively represented their clients in family and civil courts. John Almerico was also a co-founder and head of the Criminal Division of the 22nd Judicial District Bar Association.

In 2017, John Almerico, tried more felony jury trials than any other private firm in St. Tammany Parish, statistically the most difficult jurisdiction in Louisiana, and not one of his clients was found guilty as charged. While he cannot promise those results on every case, he can promise the best representation available.

Finally, maintaining communication with clients and their families is one of his primary missions. Whether it’s a criminal case, divorce, car wreck, etc., this may be one of the most trying times for a client. John takes communication as seriously as you do.

John Almerico passionately defends clients in St. Tammany Parish, Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, Livingston Parish, Orleans Parish, as well as surrounding parishes throughout Southern Louisiana. You deserve a defense attorney who is committed to not only protecting your rights, but also fighting for you. 

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